The Madison County Volunteer Lawyers Program celebrated its 35th anniversary of service to the Madison County community at the Huntsville-Madison County Bar Association meeting on August 2, 2017.   MCVLP Board President Taze Shepard and President-Elect Tara Helms recognized founding Board Members Nancy Smith Gaines, Patrick H. Graves, Jr., Aubrey O. Lammons, Ernest L Potter, Jr., Thomas H. Siniard, H. Harold Stephens, and David L. Thomas.  The seven founding Board members were honored at the meeting.

Tommy Siniard and Harold Stephens each presented heartfelt stories about MCVLP clients and how pro bono legal services impacts the lives of our clients.  They also reiterated the need for attorneys to provide pro bono service for the betterment of our community.

The Honorable Claude E. Hundley, III, expressed his gratitude to those attorneys who provide pro bono service to MCVLP clients and relayed how those services allow for greater access to justice for all citizens.

We are greatly appreciative of all the incredible attorneys who volunteer their time through the MCVLP and provide legal services to our clients who otherwise would be ill-prepared to navigate the legal system on their own.  Without you, our clients needs would go unanswered, and for you, we are eternally grateful.  We look forward to the next 35 years of service to the Madison County community.