The MCVLP's 2017 "Top Pro Bono Volunteers" were honored and celebrated at a delightful luncheon by Cotton Row Restaurant on October 30, 2017.   A special thank you to the District and Circuit Court Judges who joined us to congratulate our honored guests, along with the MCVLP Board of Directors.  Congratulations to these amazing volunteers for their incredible service to MCVLP clients!  

Special thanks to the following volunteers who were recognized as "Top Volunteers" for 2017:

Levi Alexander                                           Coby Boswell
Attorney at Law                                         NXTSTEP Family Law

Norman Bradley                                        John Brinkley
Attorney at Law                                         Brinkley & Brinkley

Heath Brooks                                              Maureen Cooper
Siniard, Timberlake & League           Attorney at Law

Amy Creech                                                Danny Culpepper
Rhodes & Creech                                     Bradley

Adam Dauro                                               Sydney Dean
Heard, Ary & Dauro                               Attorney at Law

Dan Dwyer                                                  Christine Frieder
Hodges Trial Lawyers                           Attorney at Law

Tiphani Gay                                               Connie Glass
Rebekah L. Graham, LLC                    Elder Law Firm, PC

Rebekah Graham                                    Ken Hampton
Rebekah L. Graham, LLC                    Attorney at Law

John Wyly Harrison                              Tara Helms
Attorney at Law                                      Martin & Helms

Nora Hickman                                        David Holt
NXTSTEP Family Law                          Bradley

Jeff Irby                                                      Melissa Larsen
Attorney at Law                                    Attorney at Law

Rebecca Lee                                            Shelley Lewis
Attorney at Law                                   Gaines Gault Hendrix

Catherine MacLachlan                     Clay Martin
Attorney at Law                                   Martin & Helms

Doug Martinson                                  William Messervy
Martinson & Beason                         Siniard, Timberlake & League

Bert Moore                                             Maia Niemann
Lanier Ford                                            Hinson & Hinson, PC

Sherri Peace-Gordon                        Raven Perry-Beach
Attorney at Law                                  Attorney at Law

Quisha Riche                                        Kim Ryberg
Attorney at Law                                  Attorney at Law

Tom Ryan                                              Hon. Jimmy Sandlin
Attorney at Law                                 Attorney at Law

Taze Shepard                                       Ty Shepard
Sparkman, Shepard, & Morris    Sparkman, Shepard, & Morris

Andy Sieja                                            Deanna Smith
Martinson & Beason                      Maples Law Firm

Bill Uemura                                        Rodney Wells
Madison Legal                                  Attorney at Law

Rebecca Winters                             Nesha Wright
Rebecca Winters Law, LLC         Spencer Wright Law Firm

Angela Young                                  Emily Young
Madison Legal                                Green Mountain Legal Services